Bison safari

4 days in the Białowieża Forest
Spend 3 nights in the Primeval Białowieża Forest and find European Bison in the wild. None of our previous tours have missed Bison!
This tour runs Friday to Monday, a few fixed dates all year round.
  • Visit the Primeval Białowieża Forest – UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Find European Bison in the wild
  • Go tracking Wolves at wintertime

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Day 1

Meeting at the airport in Minsk and transfer to Białowieża Forest. After ca. 4 hrs drive we will check in at our guesthouse/hotel in the Białowieża village and after a hearty Belarus dinner the guide will introduce you to the area and talk about the plans for the next days.
When the meeting through the visa-free border crossing of Bialowieza We meet at 11 am and start our safari in search of bison, and traces of their life

Day 2

Bison Safari

European Bison seen early morning and evening in the Białowieża Forest
This early morning our guide will take you for a safari like trip in search of wild European Bison. There are over 600 Bison living in the wild in the Białowieża Forest and we have probably the best local knowledge on where to find them. We will have a short drive in our minibus to scan the forest edge or go for a walk or even visit a few different sites in a more safari style.
After a substantial breakfast we will offer a guided trip at one of our favourite nature reserves in the forest. You will see the real wilderness, huge trees and get a chance of more wildlife. It is not rare that we see some Deer,Fox or some rare birds like Lesser Spotted Eagle or Pygmy Owl, Grear gray owl. There are also a few packs of Wolves and several Lynx in the Białowieża Forest and if you’re lucky we may see their tracks and signs.

We will have our packed lunch in the forest and the rest of the afternoon will be free for you to explore on your own, take a walk in the village, visit the National Park museum or chill out a local park, our hotel back yard or one of the small cafe’s.
At wintertime, we may offer Wolf tracking, a spectacular trip deep in the Wolf territory inside the forest. Winter is Wolves’ mating season and they are very active. Our guide will point out all the tracks and signs and teach you advanced tracking skills.
In the evening our guide will once again offer a Bison safari, different sites this time, to give you the best possible chance of watching these majestic animals in their natural habitat. We have seen wild Bison on all our previous weekend tours so far!

Day 3

Primeval Forest trip and Bison safari

After the usual hearty breakfast we will meet the National Park local guide and take a few hours walk through the strictly protected part of the Białowieża National Park, the Biosphere Reserve and the core area of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
In the Białowieża National Park core area by Michael Eick
Our trail takes you back in time a few thousand years, when most of Europe was covered with a similar habitat. The dense, natural mixed-deciduous forest of huge, centuries-old trees that host thousands of other species, many of which are on the verge of extinction: insects, lichens and hundreds of colourful fungi growing on dead wood.
This area is also home for several species of rare woodpeckers like Black, White-backed or Three-toed and we often see some of them. Large mammals, however, hide very well in the dense vegetation and are rarely seen on this walk as we mustn’t get off the marked path.

Day 4

Drive to Minsk airport and

Morning departure for bison, summing up bison safari and lunch, departure to Minsk